Cape Cod Residential Architect, Designer and Custom Home Builder

Deborah Paine: Cape Cod Residential Architect and Custom Home Builder
"When we made the decision to build, there was only one option… Deborah Paine. We did not even bother asking others for an estimate. We wanted the best. Deb and her team built the home of our dreams.”
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—Michael Johnson & Leo Manske

Call us for personal and professional attention to your specific Cape Cod construction project.

  • Distinctive Cape Cod homes in any style from concept to completion
  • Remodeling
  • Custom Kitchens
  • Luxury Bathrooms
  • Complete Cape Cod renovations to personalize your space
  • Change of use conversions
  • Historic Cape Cod restorations
  • Additions
  • Decks
  • Windows
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Small remodels
  • All repairs and maintenance
  • Fine woodworking & Custom cabinetry
  • Consultations and Inspections
  • Project management

Deborah Paine, Custom Home Builder and Residential Designer, Cape Cod


Deborah Paine: Cape Cod Residential Architect and Custom Home Builder At Deborah Paine, Inc. we provide a variety of services to assist in making your dreams come true. We understand each phase of a project—new construction or renovation on Cape Cod, large or small—and will work with you to attain exactly the look, feel, and quality you want. Inspired designs, quality craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence are forged together to provide the most personally enjoyable and professionally executed experience for you. Your peace of mind is our finest reward.

We Build Better, Just Ask Around.
It is a bold claim and we make it with pride. We approach each Cape Cod home building, renovation, remodeling and restoration project with the experience and the vigilance to make things run more smoothly, to materialize our customer’s dreams and to build to a standard better than our competition. It is the Standard of Excellence we have set for ourselves for over 33 years, and live up to each day.
  • Only quality materials and excellent workmanship.
  • Protection of client's privacy and assets.
  • Clear continuous communication.
  • Realistic estimates for costs and timelines presented in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Accurate, timely, and transparent accounting of all project phases.
  • Work areas are kept clean and presentable at all times.
  • Unsurpassed personal service from a team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals.
  • The vision to see beyond the ordinary and carefully execute the design in a pragmatic and sublime way.
We dedicate ourselves to concierge style service for our clients.
We have the knowledge and the resources to attend to the most detailed requests, specializing in period applicable restoration of historic Cape Cod structures. You create your space. We listen to your needs. We plan, prepare, and put it all to paper. We take care of the details, make your dreams come true, and ensure an enjoyable experience for you. Here's how our clients describe our service.

Most any Cape Cod general contractor will tell you they can do the job on time and on budget. Then your architect submits plans that cannot be built within your budget. You are standing in the middle when they look at each other and say, "This is going to take more time and cost more money." That is not the way to start a relationship and project!

Deborah Paine Inc. excels at anticipating the needs of the homeowner and what the project will require. What kind of a team do we need? What kind of architect or designer is best suited to these project requirements and the emotional and practical needs of the client? Rather than bouncing the ball around in a 3-way hot potato, as can happen, Deborah helps the client select the architect/designer for the project. If the architect and the contractor see eye to eye and have the same values and objectives then the project can only move forward with healthy symbiotic success with the homeowner a happy contributor.

All this being said, Deborah is certainly happy to work with a client’s own architect or designer with a couple of reasonable caveats: we want to be part of the project from the beginning in order to be able to work with the architect as plans are developed. In this way, there is a comprehensive and seamless evolution of the project and it’s program, and secondly, to add a helpful voice in the choice of products and probable construction costs as they relate to the environment on Cape Cod. We have done this many times with architects from all over the country with success and enjoyment.

At Deborah Paine, Inc. we are able to control construction costs during the design process by rough estimating and selecting details that will not only reflect the desired outcome but stay in budget. We put you in the middle of the creative process along with the architect/designer, not into the confusion. We combine your vision and budget, applicable codes and site conditions to provide you with a project that meets all your expectations.

Design services are provided by Deborah, selecting from our partner architects and residential designers to work with you during the process to express your vision and to work with us to efficiently create a program of the work to be implemented. We create a team based on the project criteria and needs with other architecture firms and designers we love working with. And, working with a specific host of product vendors and specialty subcontractors to achieve a design that is lovely, durable, cost effective, and reflective of your precise needs as an entire team is assembled specifically and carefully for your project requirements. We are committed to mindful listening and methodically working with the client side by side. We want the client to have an intimate experience in the design of their dream. With decades of collective knowledge of Cape Cod architectural style and full CAD and 3-D drawing capability we are able to help you save time and money.

At Deborah Paine, Inc. we are experienced and comfortable with all architectural styles. The vernacular you choose will dictate choices and details as your concepts are realized. We can guide you through the process, whether it's modern, antique, or something in between.

Wiring plans have now become one of the most critical elements in home design. We integrate the complete technological needs of our clients into the original specifications for each project. Whether it is simple phone and internet connections, intercoms or complete home security, stereo systems, or elaborate home theatre areas we will devise a wiring program to match your lifestyle.
We provide full-service contracting in all residential and light commercial phases of construction. Distinguished Cape Cod custom homes in any style, cottages, and historic restorations are our specialty. With over 250 years of collective design and build know-how on the Lower Cape we have the ability to address the unique requirements of the coastal environment and the discriminating style of each client.

As your designer and/or builder on any construction project we prepare all materials and represent the property owner for local zoning, conservation, historic and required state permitting.
Property inspections and evaluations based on a “builder’s point of view” provides you with valuable tools in considering the purchase or expansion of a property. At Deborah Paine, Inc. we will provide problem-solving and program-building for any situation. We assist in developing a long-term maintenance program to keep you safe in the years ahead.

Deborah Paine, Inc. can orchestrate your construction project independently of any other involvement. We realize there are times when you need a local set of knowledgeable eyes to oversee the work of your contractor and designer. We offer an objective point of view with years of experience in construction methods, scheduling and resources available on Cape Cod. We articulate your concerns accurately to your construction team and represent your interests during all phases of the project. We know how a job should run and how to keep it going. We provide a constant stream of information to you assuring your peace of mind.

Cape Cod architecture firm, residential designer and custom home builder providing excellence in luxury home construction, remodeling,
renovations, and restorations in Provincetown, Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham, and Orleans.