Cape Cod Residential Architect, Designer and Custom Home Builder
Deborah Paine: Cape Cod Residential Architect and Custom Home Builder
“We use Deb Paine because of the quality of her work. We have done many projects with her and have never been disappointed. Her work is well coordinated, on time and of the utmost quality. We recommend her without reservation."
—Ann Maguire & Harriet Gordon

Deborah Paine, Distinctive Custom Homes, Cape Cod.


"We bought a modest second home in North Truro with a post and beam design and set on a private, natural lot. We loved our home's warmth and how it quickly became a special place to gather with family and friends. After 15 years, we decided it was time to grow our living space. We met with Deb Paine to discuss ideas – more light, high ceilings, a rambling floor plan, and expanded deck space – while preserving what made our home special. We also wanted to replace the steep, hulking staircase that led to our loft bedroom. Deb tactfully suggested that we were not going to want to climb those stairs forever; maybe the loft would be better suited for "younger" guests. We were sold on this new vision. Deb's team put together a wharf-inspired addition, including a wonderful first floor master suite, that is more beautiful, functional, and comfortable than we could have imagined. The final result is a bright, airy living space that keeps the post and beam style yet completely transforms our home.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Deb and her team. We're elated with the results. The team is professional, flexible about changes, transparent on expenses, and easy to work with. We can't overstate the quality of the work. And pulling this all off during the unprecedented times of a pandemic! Deb managed the project efficiently and safely as the circumstances dictated. We're grateful to be able to enjoy such lovely space, and look forward to once again sharing our home with family and friends.”

—Katie and Dan Dunn

"After having lived in New England for many years, and knowing that we will eventually move full time to Cape Cod, my husband Reuben and I made the decision to buy a 1830's house in Provincetown, MA. We knew we needed to make some significant renovations (that would be an understatement) , so we did diligent research as to which design/construction firm would be the best fit for our project. It became quickly apparent that, based upon recommendations and from construction work we could see around town that Deb Paine was the only choice for our home renovation.

Reuben and I brought an interesting, though not unusual dynamic to the project. We have renovated several houses before, so this was not our first time at the rodeo. We are not professional architects, and we also knew that we did not want to bring in an interior designer to hand us a "decorated house". We wanted our house to reflect us and the life we have built. Deb Paine was the perfect collaborator. Deb embraced our vision for the house, welcoming and encouraging our input and collaboration with her throughout the process. Without fail she helped to make all of this a reality.

I think the moment we absolutely knew we were in good hands was when Deb told us about a discovery she had made during the demolition phase. We had a project meeting with her and her team and she showed us that they had discovered a matrix of huge, gorgeous wooden beams supporting the roof that had been concealed for decades by a lower ceiling. Deb pitched the idea of raising the ceiling height to expose the beams. It turned out to be one of the most impactful and honestly, spectacular aspects of the renovation. It was a bold call on Deb's part that required a pretty major leap of faith from us. We respected her for that. The antique exposed beams are now show stoppers and we have Deb to thank for that.

Deb and her team met with us regularly throughout the renovation, and we felt completely updated at every turn of the project. This renovation is a major life milestone for Reuben and I. We are going to retire on Cape Cod, in Provincetown, with our family and friends sharing it with us. We need to get this right. Deb took this responsibility very seriously and she succeeded.

And guess what... She delivered on time!

In August 2017, we celebrated with our family and friends our annual summer reunion in our gorgeous home as had been promised!

Reuben and I just could not be more satisfied with the outcome of the 3 Court renovation. One of the most satisfying results that we had hoped for is that our friends and family are lining up to use the house, with and without us.

3 Court St. is becoming a hub for our loved ones and I know it's where Reuben and I will hopefully thrive in the next phase of our lives. Honestly, that's really all we wanted.

Thanks Deb, and everyone at Deborah Paine Construction. We are eternally grateful.”

—Reuben Reynolds and Bill Casey

Deborah Paine: Cape Cod Residential Architect and Custom Home Builder "Building a house can be a very stressful and overwhelming task for anyone. Doing it while living at a distance, overseas, may seem impossible however we did it and this was our experience.

My husband and I bought land in Truro, Massachusetts in 1999. I spent several months talking to anyone who would share their experience on building on the Cape. I went to several lumber yards and got names of builders, looked at the various signs on different building sites and looked through the yellow pages. I then spoke with several builders and had the opportunities to visit projects in the different phase of building. I had several companies give us bids on the drawings that our architect had drawn up.

I met with Deb Paine and she was incredible. Due to the fact that we were living in Singapore at the time of construction, I hired our architect to oversee the project. In hind sight, I should have had Deb and her crew handle the whole building project as Deb and her team of professionals were more than capable of handing the complete project.

Deb kept us frequently up to date on progress through emails, digital pictures and phone conversations. Deb and her team have an eye for detail. There were many times that I was contacted with ideas from Deb on how to improve the plans for our house and as a result we ended up with our amazing home.

We are so thankful for having hired Deb Paine and her professional construction team. Deb listened to our needs and on many occasions personally took the time to help us find the right materials. I am not sure how many builders would actually take clients to stone and granite places, however Deb did.

We have been very pleased and satisfied with Deb after the building was completed as well. Deb offers a Winter Watch Program that I would highly recommend if you are not residing in your home. She has also made recommendations for maintenance.

If we were to build again on the Cape or asked for a recommendation we would not hesitate on recommending Deb Paine. Deb Paine also has worked magic on renovations too!”
—Kathleen & Jason Nye

"I had the pleasure of working with Deborah Paine for an impressive renovation in 1996 and again several years later in 2000.

The process of choosing Deb as the contractor who could effectively communicate with the architect involved proved essential.

Deb had many knowledgeable yet creative suggestions throughout the renovation of my 1776 Truro property that were insightful and instrumental in making the project a success.

My goal of renovating while keeping as much of the original detail as possible was well achieved and a testament to the ability of Deb and her team.

The satisfaction and enjoyment from my initial experience with Deb in the late 90's made the decision of where to turn for a second project, again successfully completed by Deb Paine, very easy.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or to see the before and after pictures and/or results I am always proud to show.”
—Scott Slater

"We had a major problem: We had had to terminate the relationship with our original contractor and we had a half-finished building project with a number of subcontractors who in the main were interested in continuing to work on the project. In addition there were a multitude of unfinished tasks and a number of embedded problems that we were at the time unaware of. We had to find a contractor who was willing to step into what can only be characterised as a very difficult situation and sort it out. Principally we selected Deb Paine because she came highly recommended by her former clients and crucially by the subcontractors who remained with the project. The clients all praised her work and the subcontractors were in some cases already working with her on other jobs or those who were not commented that she was tough but fair.

Deb has a very organized, transparent and systematic approach that she runs a little bit like a military operation. Fortunately for us she adapted the process to deal with some unusual family circumstances. Her team stepped in and gradually corrected major problems on half-finished tasks and also identified areas that needed to be ripped out and done again. Not only did she achieve this in very difficult circumstances, but she managed over time to win the trust of a diverse family client group and build our belief that her team would do the right thing and listen to and deliver solutions to our needs and requirements.

Deborah Paine and her team are highly professional, client-focused and committed to excellent work. I would have no hesitation whatsoever working with Deborah Paine again or recommending her work to others.”

"When we made the decision to build, there was only one option… Deborah Paine. We did not even bother asking others for an estimate. We wanted the best. Deb and her team built the home of our dreams. Regardless of the builder, it is inevitable that some minor problem will present itself. On that rare occasion, Deb was always there to make sure the situation was rectified quickly and professionally. Save yourself both headache and heartache… choose Deborah Paine!!"
—Michael Johnson & Leo Manske

The first time we met Deb Paine was on a bitter cold and wet day in early Spring. We had just signed an agreement to purchase a 1790's three-quarter Cape that was a total wreck and in need of a contractor who really understood complicated restoration work. So on this miserable day we crawled under our "wreck" and for the next hour we sat in the muck and discussed construction options. Right there and then we knew we had found someone special who would be very much hands-on and personally responsible for overseeing the restoration of our home.

That was three houses ago.....We have just completed a 2 1/2 year restoration of our latest "wreck" with Deb Paine and her crew and feel even more convinced that we have someone special in Deb. From complicated structural issues to accurate reproduction of historic details Deb can do it all. Also, Deb's eye for detail is evident in the quality of the materials and the fine workmanship. Service before, during and after is always excellent and we can always count on Deb and her crew for help.

The construction process can be both exciting and challenging to most of us. Deb will put you at ease and actually allow you to enjoy the process. We now consider Deb and her crew as friends and look forward to our next adventure together."
—Tom Roberts & David McChesney

"Only the highest recommendation can we give to Deb Paine. It was our confidence in her that encouraged us to build a house in Provincetown while we were living 3,000 miles away.

Deb's attention to the detail of ensuring that specific preferences are fulfilled has left us, as customers, with the long-lasting glow of pleasure and satisfaction that is given by plans successfully achieved.

When difficulties arise as they do in any major project, the problem is carefully thought through and discussed, then resolved with care and imagination.

Having worked with other builders in the past, the quality of Deb's work is not only evident visually but has been well-proven over these many years in the very exposed location of our home.

Proof of our confidence in Deb and her company is that, 14 years after construction was completed, we still employ her team for all our maintenance and new projects."
—Iain Lamb & Sean McGlashen

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